Saturday, July 08, 2017

Movie review - "976-Evil 2" (1991) *1/2

Uninspired horror film about a pretty co-ed (Debbie James, quite likeable) who is tormented by a serial killer. I've never seen the original so maybe I'm missing something but this felt tired. The handling from Jim Wynorski was professional enough but the story was dull. There's running around and the odd killing and an un-engaging killer and a weird dude in a leather jacket.

The best bits were the Wynorski touches: Brigitte Nielsen's random cameo as an occult book dealer; a wonderfully over the top sequence where a girl is sucked into a television and finds herself as an extra in It's a Wonderful Life and is killed by zombies from Night of the Living Dead (I watched that scene and thought "that's what this film should be... that film would be awesome).

Production values are decent and some of the acting isn't bad but I found it on the whole hard to whip up much enthusiasm for this movie.

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