Saturday, July 29, 2017

George Raft Top Ten

1) Scarface (1932) - clearly a limited performer but with a fantastic "look" and he was given a fabulous bit of "business" in flicking the coin.
2) Souls at Sea (1937) - Raft outshines Gary Cooper, what do you know - a very good part and perhaps Raft was right to have it rewritten. Spawn of the North was a kind of follow up.
3) Bolero (1934) - enjoyable melodrama with Raft as a dancer who falls for his partner Carole Lombard; Pre-Code sexy, with Ravel's "Bolero", and an unexpectedly moving ending.
4) Each Dawn I Die (1939) - perhaps Raft's best performance, electrically charismatic and he steals a film from Jimmy Cagney.
5) Manpower (1941) - rollicking melodrama with Raft rising in the company of Edward G Robinson and Marlene Dietrich.
6) They Drive By Night (1941) - great tough truck driving saga with Raft good opposite Bogart and Ida Lupino.
7) Night After Night (1932) - best remembered for Mae West's debut and she's great but Raft is good too in his star debut, in .a fun movie.
8) The Bowery (1933) - Raft on the Bowery with Wallace Beery - an irritatingly racist movie but entertaining.
9) Mr Ace (1946) - surprisingly feminist melodrama with Raft romancing congresswoman Sylvia Sidney.
10) Some Like It Hot (1959) - Raft only has a small role but is a fine villain and makes you wish he'd done more support parts in decent movies.

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