Monday, July 31, 2017

Kenneth More Top Ten

1) Genevieve (1953) - cheery breezy fun where More teams so well with Kay Kendall you wish they'd made a bunch of other movies.
2) Reach for the Sky (1956) - British film par excellance - bit of drama, stiff up lip, cheeriness, being a POW is like being at school, etc. More is very good
3) A Night to Remember (1958) - excellent account of the Titanic with More underplaying effectively in an ensemble piece.
4) Doctor in the House(1954) - More's also good against Dirk Bogarde - why not reteam them?
5) The Admiral Crichton (1957) - entertaining colourful adventure comedy with More very well cast
6) Dark of the Sun (1968) - only a small part but I love the film and More's work in it
7) Northwest Frontier (1958) - postwar Imperial adventure tale, self consciously superior to natives, with More a refreshingly different type of action hero
8) The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (1958) - More's attempt to become a US star and he might have done it with a better co star and stronger material - his fine work was not really appreciated in the US.
9) Appointment with Venus (1951) - More has a showy support role in a fun film
10) The Deep Blue Sea (1954) - confession: I actually haven't seen this. But it's the performance that really established him, so....

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