Friday, July 07, 2017

Movie review - "Jeff" (1969) **1/2 (warning: spoilers)

Alain Delon as a gangster, once more - not the title role though, oddly. He's part of a gang who commit a robbery; the leader disappears and most of the gang think the leader's done a runner but Delon (who kind of loves him in that French cinema way). They torture the leader's mistress, Mireille Darc (who Delon kind of loves in that French cinema way).

This isn't a great film but it's full of interesting moments: the crims setting around in a gym after the heist, gabbing away like they're in Reservoir Dogs; the death of a bee keeper; Delon being shot at the end. The direction is fresh; the supporting cast strong. Delon produced this.

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