Thursday, September 03, 2015

TV review - "True Detective Season 2" (2015) **

This was a slog to get through. So many scenes of Vince Vaughan sitting in a club talking to his wife, or talking in a bar to Colin Farrell while a singer sang, or Colin Farrell slouching around, or of people talking on their phones. So much happened off screen, or was done via reportage, instead of being dramatised on screen.

There's more female roles than the first series but really none are that great - Rachel McAdams runs around in underpants being sexually voracious and hard bitten and goes undercover as an escort and winds up a girlfriend (I don't think I've cared for a couple less than Farrell and McAdams in this series). Vaughan's wife listens to him whinge about work and money and wants to have a baby. The rest of the women are whores or nagging bitches.

And too much of this was reminiscent of other, better noirs - such as Chinatown (property developers, corruption in California), The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy (closeted cop, scroungy cop hero)

Some effective moments - Farrell's relationship with his son, a fight at an airport, Vaughan in the desert. But not nearly enough.

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