Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Movie review - "The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1" (2014) *1/2

Terrible movie - only the quality of the cast and production design stopped me giving this one star. Not only is it ruthlessly overlong, a thin story padded out to justify another movie, it's a stupid story. You think the revolution against the ruling class would throw up some interesting conflict and dilemmas but they make the whole movie about Jennifer Lawrence becoming a poster girl for the movement - apparently this is super vital, more so than say logistics or troop strength or weaponry or strategy and even, you know, battles. Has there ever been a military campaign in the history of the world that hinged on someone's media appearances? Sorry, Hollywood, I don't think so.

All these people who could be interesting are not used in interesting ways - Philip Seymour Hoffman's revolutionary officer does nothing; Julieanne Moore's leader looks as though she's about to go demagogue in an interesting way but she never does; Jeffrey Wright fiddles nobs; Woody Harrelson hangs around and watches; Liam Hemsworth just hangs around and gives Jennifer Lawrence the odd shoulder squeeze - how about some romance?

Well it's all Lawrence's concern for Josh Hutcherson - I never thought she liked him that much. She's worried he's been captured so wants revolution put on hold until that's sorted. He's brainwashed to the enemy, but even that situation is treated with simplicity.

Lawrence doesn't even get the chance to kick butt that much - she makes a speech and sings a song. We've got a camera crew following her around.

This film was crap.

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