Saturday, September 12, 2015

Movie review - "Sudden Impact" (1983) **1/2

The fourth in the Dirty Harry series is a little odd - it had its origins as a non Dirty Harry story, really being about a rape victim who turns vigilante to get revenge. But it's been cleverly reworked so Harry has plenty to do - shooting random criminals who attack his diner, have a comic bulldog, get scolded by his superiors who has to deal with slimy crooks and defence attorneys, take over a bus of elderly in order to apprehend a criminal, have a new catch phrase ("go ahead make my day"... pretty impressive that the fourth movie in the series introduces that).

Sondra Locke is the vigilante - unlike the vigilantes in Magnum Force, Harry falls in love with her and covers up her crimes. It's silly and simplistic with nasty undercurrents - Harry smacks around a lesbian - but it'll give fans what they want.

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