Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Movie review - "Before Midnight" (2013) ****

This series keeps surprising me - whenever I watch the later films, I'm about to write them off, but then it will bounce back, often within the same scene, with something magical and spot on. There is inherent charm of course in seeing Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy age, and Richard Linklater continues to direct beautifully. This has the added attraction of Greek scenery.

Very often this clunked - the early bits involving them and their friends, especially with Hawke getting involved with conversations about what a sexual wild man he is, and talking about the plot of his novel (it felt like an actor who occasionally wrote talking about his novel); and I didn't like the way the character of Hawke's ex wife was slagged off so much (she's a drunk and a bad mother). But whenever it's him and Delpy its on firm ground, especially when they just talk. I loved the unexpected honesty of the attempted sex scene, including her toplessness - and the romanticism of the final chat.

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