Thursday, September 10, 2015

Movie review - "Caprice" (1967) **

Silly, over the top Bond spoof with Doris Day not entirely well cast in the lead - ditto Richard Harris as her love interest. I enjoy both actors and Frank Tashlin if in the mood - I'm not sure all three work together.

But it has the charm of a period piece. It's very groovy, with skirts and boots and spies trying to kill each other while skiing, and script has plenty of twists and turns with characters being one thing and then another - it's a lot like Charade. There's Edward Mulhaire and Jack Kruschen as tycoons, Ray Walston as a mad scientist, lots of bright colours and heavy handed satire of the fashion industry. It is fun to see Day in something so different.

The movie was clearly an influence on Duplicity, with its two stars constantly turning on each other, working for two tycoons and industrial espionage background - indeed, at times I began to wonder if the latter film was a remake.

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