Thursday, June 15, 2017

Movie review - "Sniper: Special Ops" (2016) **

The meeting of two legends, in their own way... Steven Seagal and Fred Olen Ray. Seagal's best days are behind him; Ray has enjoyed a more consistent career trajectory.

It's a perfectly acceptable low-ish budget action film. A special team go rescue a congressmen, but have to leave some blokes behind... they then return to get them. Complicating things are a sexy photojournalist and an Arab woman.

Several elements of this are underserviced - I wish they'd made more of the Arab woman (relative of a local leader)... but we never get to see her and it's possible Ray didn't hire an acress. The Congressmen was forgotten - wish he'd paid off.

Seagal's scenes look like they were shot in a day. He's in the movie for around 20 minutes and spends most of it sitting down and talking, sitting down and shooting, or standing and shooting. He walks for a bit.

The real star is Tim Abell, who I liked - a good bearded tough guy. I felt they could've done more with the set up and situations but it's decent enough.

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