Saturday, June 24, 2017

Movie review - "Duchess of Idaho" (1950) **1/2

When Van Johnson and Esther Williams started making movies together he was the bigger name but she gradually overtook him - though audiences would really only accept her in one kind of movie.

This is a cheerful musical with Esther trying to help BFF Paula Raymond get her mits into boss John Lund. The plot gets increasingly idiotic as it goes on - too many scenes of people trying to make others jealous, or getting jealous and... anyway it got really complicated towards the end and there was so no reason to.

There's some interesting bits - spoken credits (sung, rather); guest appearances from Eleanor Powell (she looks great and dances as well as ever... it's a shame they didn't give her Raymond's part), the Jubalaires, Red Skelton, Lena Horne.

John Lund gets on my nerves as always. Raymond is pretty but lacks spark. Williams and Johnson work well together; Johnson gets to sing and dance a few numbers.

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