Monday, June 19, 2017

Movie review - "The Girl from Starship Venus" (1975) *

I saw this at the New Beverly - apparently Quentin Tarantino is a fan. But surely he was being perverse, for this is an exceedingly dull, unsexy, unfunny movie from auteur Derek Ford.

It's got a bright central idea - an alien arrives on earth in the body of a blonde woman (Monika Ringwald) who walks around and has a series of sexual encounters. None of these are sexy, at least not to me; there's not a lot of nudity or sex; much of it I found downright uncomfortable because the alien walks around parts of sleazy 70s England: a porno theatre (where she's felt up by an old goat), a strip club, a massage parlour, a porn shop, a wedding, a drycleaners, a sex photographer's studio.

Everyone wants to cop a  feel - the only person nice to her is a nice guy who lets her crash on his couch. They get together at the end, which is the only feel good aspect of this movie. There's all these creepy middle aged and old man leching about.

It just depressed me. Scenes go on forever. Jokes aren't funny. A mess.

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