Friday, June 30, 2017

Movie review - "Blood Frenzy" (1987) **

Hal Freeman was a porn director who wanted to get into more legit fields so he paid for this slasher movie. A bunch of people go camping in the desert - not teens, though, they're adults, psych patients of a doctor who wants to do therapy with them. That's got novelty, as does the cast, which includes Mr Lyn Redgrave, John Clarke; Lisa Loring, one time Wednesday Addams; Hank Garrett.

They and the other leads get the chance to emote and act with their nutty characters. There's a Vietnam Vet, a drunk, a tramp, a frigid girl, a lesbian...  The acting is of varying quality, to put it politely. Everyone commits to the role.

The handling is competent rather than inspired - it feels like a movie made by an experienced porn director who wanted to move into another field rather than say someone who really loved cinema and/or horror movies.

There's a nasty scene where the tramp is seduced by the lesbian and then is tortured and killed. This was nasty and is why I gave it one star. People who like this genre may get more out of it.

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