Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pat Boone Top Five

Pat Boone didn't make enough movies to justify a top ten list so here is my top five Pat Boone films:
1) Journey to the Center of the Earth - charming, hokey science fiction, part of the late 50s Jules Verne craze - Boone should have done more in this genre.
2) April Love - quintessential Boone vehicle, it's a surprise he didn't make more of these.
3) Goodbye Charlie - not a great movie by any means but gets in here because it's weird to see Pat making out with Debbie Ryenolds as a reincarnated man.
4) All Hands on Deck - a silly comedy with Pat giving one of his most relaxed performances.
5) The Cross and the Switchblade - Boone made surprisingly few out and out religious movies but this was one.

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