Thursday, November 19, 2015

TV review - "Spyforce Ep 23 - 'The Major'" (1971) ***

A highly entertaining Spyforce because of the support cast and subplots. Jack Thompson is sent to blow up a bridge in Burma and is given an accomplice - not Peter Sumner who's not in this, but Anna Marie Winchester as Jill Seymour, which automatically makes this a more interesting episode because of her beauty and sex appeal. They come across a base for a British long range patrol group, where Scottish sergeant Nick Tate has this sort of homoerotic thing going with an incompetent soldier he's bullying, and the local officer Tony Wager reads up on tactics and despite being less good looking than Thompson or Tate is the one who gets Winchester into bed.

Winchester flashes her nipples in a bath scene which is pretty racy, there are lots of explosions going on and high quality of acting. There are some clangy moments such as never giving Nick Tate a proper death scene or Wager a final scene, and having it all be part of some Cato conspiracy to help the Americans... which doesn't make any sense since they're on our side. Anyway, still, good fun.

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