Saturday, November 21, 2015

Movie review - "Trainwreck" (2015) ****1/2

Highly enjoyable rom com, a brilliant launching pad for Amy Schumer as a big screen star, although it's not just a vehicle - as much time is given to Bill Hader, who is also good, even if his character is a bit less realistic (a top sports surgeon who struggles to get a date in New York City? Really?). Actually a lot of this struggles with reality - sometimes Judd Apatow and co. go for the joke rather than reality eg Lebron James' intervention and asking Schumer if he sees Hader's face in clouds (don't get me wrong it's hilarious, just feels like a "movie" whereas the bulk of the movie feels like real life).

The support cast, like all Apatow movies, is stunningly good and rich - Brie Larson as Schumer's sister, a hilariously fake tanned Tilda Swinton as Schumer's boss, Colin Quinn as the dad (I wish we'd met Hader's parents), Vaness Bayer as Schumer's work friend, John Cena brilliantly 'Men's Health' reader as Schumer's boyfriend, LeBron James as Hader's hilariously tight best friend, Ezra Miller as an annoying work experience kid. There are others too.

It's beautifully shot, very warm and funny and has something to say. A very good movie.

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