Saturday, August 08, 2015

Movie review - "Red Dragon" (1965) **

Following his divorce from Jean Simmons, Stewart Granger hot footed it to Europe and made a bunch of movies of, um, varying quality. This fell into the "less good" category, a Eurospy thriller whose main attraction is some really impressive Hong Kong location photography - in particular there's lots of scenes shot on the harbour involving the junks, which look terrific

Granger plays an FBI agent investigating the death of two agents who were looking into a smuggling ring. Rosanna Schiaffino is another agent who helps him out.

There's a lot of running around and people kidnapping each other and pointing guns at each other. Granger looks in great shape despite the gray hair and kicks a bit of butt. This wasn't a great movie but it got better as it went along particularly as it focused more on action instead of the dopey plot.

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