Saturday, February 21, 2015

Movie review - "Pacific Rim" (2013) ***

Few comic book movies are stuffed with as much exposition as this one, in which the first five minutes are like a trailer for an earlier film, with the emergence of a race of beasts from the sea, humans grappling to find a solution, creating a special suit and emerging triumphant.And the movie feels like it's got an extra, unneeded act - the last battle feels like an afterthought.

Still, its a lot of fun, with its combination of video games, theme parks and - most importantly - Japanese and Universal monster movies. Lots of effects and explosions and action.  Kids especially will love it but also big kids too.

Charlie Hunnam is fine as the hero  - cocky, brave, tormented by stock dead relative. Rinko Kikuchi has the novelty of being an Asian lead in a Hollywood movie who gets to kick butt but for too much of the running time is demure and passive. Idris Elbra is effective as the head of operations and Charlie Day adds good comic relief geekness. I wish Aussie actors had been found to play the Aussies in this movie - I mean, how hard could it have been?

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