Saturday, February 14, 2015

Movie review - "For a Few Dollars More" (1965) **** (warning: spoilers)

Known for being Part Two of the Clint/Leone Dollars triology, it's a surprise to see that this is actually more a Lee Van Cleef film - Clint's character is really along for the ride. He does do things, mainly shoot peeople and add a bit of tension, but it's LVC's story, really. He's searching for a super baddie for some unknown reason - just like in Once Upon a Time in the West we don't find out why it's so personal until the end (the guy killed his sister - it's not like a massive secret). Clint is another bounty hunter after the same guy and they team up to help zap them.

Gian Maria Volonte is a superb villain with Klaus Kinski offering excellent support - actually there's a whole array of interesting faces to be mown down. Singular, arresting direction by Leone, backed by that incredible Morricone music.

Clint is relatively chatty in this one, feeling like the junior partner a la Rawhide. There's plenty of juicy shoot outs and double crosses, plus some nice wry humour. Stunning photography.

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