Saturday, December 27, 2014

Movie review - "City Slickers" (1991) ***1/2

A first rate comedy which starts with a strong concept - three men with varying mid life crises decide to drove cattle across country - and excellent complications - their range leader dies and they have to take the cattle themselves. It also attempts to provide an answer to the question "what is the meaning of life"... "one thing". And you know, that's a pretty good answer.  I can't think of a movie that's come up with a better one.

Other bits in this film have always stayed with me - the fact men can talk about baseball forever, even a father and son who argue about everything else; Billy Crystal's summation at the beginning about a life span; the legendary arse crack shot of that cab driver and Crystal's associated expression.

Billy Crystal is in excellent form and his baseball references weren't that annoying then; he works well with Bruno Kirby and Daniel Stern, who each are allowed a chance to shine. Helen Slater is bland as the sole girl but at least is pretty and Jack Palance is excellent as Curly.

The segment where they rescue the calf went on too long (it was like a typical 90s action set piece) and the comedy schtick involving guessing flavours of ice cream seemed pointless. Touching father-son stuff involving the black cowboys. Jake Gylenhall has hs first role as Crystal's son.

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