Sunday, December 28, 2014

Elvis Presley Top Ten

In no particular order
1) Love Me Tender - I'm putting this in because I've always enjoyed it - it's not a bad story, one of the few movies Elvis made which had clearly been written for any old actor, and his impact is immediate
2) Jailhouse Rock - the first great Elvis movie, with some stunning performances and a genuinely good performance from the lead
3) King Creole - a moody melodramatic piece, very much of its time and different from most of Elvis' output
4) Viva Las Vegas  - absolutely wonderful entertainment, the most fun movie Elvis was ever in, with his all time best co-star, Ann Margret
5) Girl Happy - Elvis does a Beach Party film, in some dopey, cheerful entertainment and a very likeable Shelley Fabres
6) Flaming Star - another Elvis movie clearly not written for him and he steps up to the plate, very well done
7) Wild in the Country - not entirely successful melodrama but remains interesting and I always like Tuesday Weld
8) Kid Galahad - remake of an Old Warner Bros movie with Elvis giving a strong performance and a top rate support cast
9) Fun in Acapulco - a bit dopey but a great looking movie, including Ursula Andress
10) Blue Hawaii - a toss up between this and Girls Girls Girls - this gets the edge via location photography

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