Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Radio review - Lux Radio Theatre - "Each Dawn I Die" (1939) ***

The Cagney-Raft prison film goes to radio, with Franchot Tone instead of Cagney (and Lyn Bari instead of Jane Bryan) - but it doesn't really matter because the story is more driven by Raft's character than Tone/Cagney's.

Tone is passive a lot of the time - thrown into prison, befriended by Raft who kind of falls in love with him, then busts out of prison ostensibly to help prove Tone's innocence, changes his mind, changes his mind again after hearing Tone won't dob, then busts back in prison.

Raft's better on radio than I thought he would be, without his great "look" - but then, the role is perfect for him and his tight-lipped delivery. No one else gets much of a look in.

Two silly things about the film are even more glaring here without visuals and Cagney's extra star power - the confusing stuff about Raft being annoyed Tone told the cops, and Raft going back in to prison to get a rat and help Tone. But it moves fast and is fun.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! A real radio review! I've been waiting years for a new one.

Bob Aldrich said...

yeah i got out of the habit of listening to them... thanks for caring :)