Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Book review - "Farewell My Lovely" by Raymond Chandler (1940)

When reading this I would occasionally get bogged down in the descriptions - don't get me wrong, it's always marvellous descriptions, it was just the story got lost. I sometimes struggle to follow Chandler plots - mind you, I have to admit that by the end I find the resolutions very satisfactory. (Apparently the plot was cobbled together from three short stories - at times you can tell).

This books contains one of Chandler's most memorable creations, the lumbering, love sick, near indestructible Moose Malloy and the intriguing Velma. There's also a not particularly memorable heroine Anne Riordan who happens to be conveniently passing by and gets involved in the story. The climax is on a gambling boat - has this ever featured in any of the adaptations?

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